Friday, May 25, 2012

Early Kentucky Hunting Dog Collar

Early Kentucky spiked hunting dog collar.

Seller's description:
This wonderful mid to late 1800s example of American folk ingenuity was recently discovered in rural Bourbon County, Kentucky and is hand crafted from scraps of leather harness and 21old square nails. Collars like this were made for hunting dogs to protect them in encounters with ferocious wildlife and this example was thoughtfully crafted with two wide leather bands for maximum comfort to the dog and maximum discomfort for its enemy. (Note the spikes were only located on the top and sides of the collar so that the dog would not injure itself). It measures 5 ½” inside diameter x 1 ½” wide leather and the nails project app. 1 ½”. It is intact and stable but somewhat brittle and dirty from years of neglect. 

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