Friday, July 13, 2007

Comical Banjo Man Tintype

Here's a nice one to strum into the weekend. Note the gold accents. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"A Perfect Hair Dressing"

CDV Totem: Looks like Houdini on top!

What a cool carte-de-visite portrait of six men arranged like a totem! The guy on top looks a lot like Harry Houdini!
Photographed by Charles Jacquard of Sedan.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Family of 3 Naïve Paper Dolls

Three naïve pencil decorated paper dolls. Circa 1880s or 90s.

Strange CDV: Two CHAIRS side-by-side

A curious carte-de-visite showing two carved, wooden chairs side-by-side. Possibly used as an advertisement by a furniture maker? Reminds me a little of H.C. Westermann's masterpiece "Swingin' Red King and Silver Queen".
Photographed by Lavallée Jeune of 10, rue Soffroy, Paris.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Antique Angry Japanese Cat Bank

Circa Late 19th / Early 20th Century.

Don Diego Y Su Orquesta!

Original 1956 poster advertising "Don Diego y su Orquesta" (Don Diego and his orchestra) with Diego smiling broadly.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Group of 10 Pretty Philly Girls Cabinet Card Photo

The poses in some 19th century studio portraits fascinate me. I really like this group shot where the photographer must have had a set of rules as to how to position multiple heads. As I count it: "5 of you girls look to the right, you 2 look at the birdy on the left and you other 3 tilt your heads forlornly."

Circa 1880's cabinet card photo of ten pretty girls. Photographer is Gilbert & Bacon out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"To Be A Man"

Oil paint on plywood Barber's sign from Ghana. I love the text at the top of this painting "To Be A Man".

Most of the barber shops in Ghana can be found anywhere: under a tree, on a public road, in a market stall. A barber is basically a signboard, a stool for the customer and a few tools!
The size of this signboard is 25" x 18".

"O' Happy Day!"

A 4" hand made watercolor paper doll of a young girl with arms in the air and legs "skipping". Something about the posture of the figure and the repeated dress images all appearing together gives this a bizarre otherworldly quality. Almost Darger-esque, especially with the watercolor treatment.



19thc. wood carved jointed figure or limberjack. Measures 18 in. long 4 and a half in. wide and 2 and a half in. thick. Lower legs have been replaced at a later date.

Sold for $ 252.49 on eBay.