Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1933 NRA Folk Art Carving "We Do Our Part"

Original WWII Bomber Nose Art Photos

1950's A. B. "Bert" Campbell Carvings out of Palm Wood

Sold on eBay for $ 675.00.

2 Portraits of a Young Girl from Alabama

Whimsical Chair by Alan Siegel

1920's Modern Kugelhaus in Dresden

The scarf is like a painting...

Massasoit Indian Copper Weathervane

Massasoit Indian Copper Weathervane, American, early 20th century, attributed to Harris & Co., Boston, Massachusetts; depicting the Wampanoag Indian Chief, full body with gilded surface, mounted on a modern metal stand; 32" high, 22" wide.

Sold for $ 18,000.00 (before premium) at Cowan's.

1889 Andrew Clemens Sand Bottles

Still undervalued in my opinion, these sold for $ 5,500 and $ 6,000 each at Cowan's recent Americana auction.

Here's a couple links on the great artist: Wikipedia: Andrew Clemens
Cowan's Corner

Nice early 20th Century 4th of July Picnic

1930 Tiger Sculpture made out of Almonds

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hand carved Masonic Folk Art Cane

Currently in Cowan's latest auction.

Folk Art Carvings from the Recent Skinner Auction

Folk art pieces from Garth's June Eclectic Auction

Unusual 1920's Candid Shot of a Nude Woman

1922 Folk Art Statue of Liberty

Sold for $ 4750.00 on eBay.

19th Century Folk Art Bust of a Black Man with Derby

I recently acquired this large folk art bust of a black man with a derby. It bears a striking similarity to the folk art figure of a black slave that used to be in the Harvey Kahn collection for years. I've put the two pieces side by side so you can see the comparison. Not sure if it could possibly be by the same anonymous artist or maybe both were based off of a period illustration? Who knows?

"Blind Tom"

Sorry for all the sporadic posts! Been busy with work, family, etc....Anyways, here's a nice half-sheet poster of "Blind Tom", an autistic savant who played the piano in the 19th century. Click Here for the Wiki on him.