Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Uh, it's one thing to find a 68 yr. old fruitcake...

...but to actually eat a piece of it!?! Oh Lord.

Here's the seller's description:

Since I have been Unemployed for the past three years I have been cleaning out storage units. I came across this weird and unusual find.

I found a unit in which the owner saved everything. I removed over three thousand pounds of magazines, newspapers, letters and personal papers. this person kept track of all his records and noted everything. In a storage trunk amungst his Military uniform was this wrapped cake and papers indicating he was in the military from 1942 -1942. The cake I can only assume was mailed to him while he was in the Pacific Theater. I have not disected the cake but believe it to be FRUIT CAKE. I did not want to destroy the remaining wrapper. I did actually try a bite. IT tasted like crap, but edible after all these yeaars.LOL.

Available here.

Vintage Photo of a 1934 George Washington Snow Sculpture

Available here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Circa 1920's Folk Art Carved Head of a Man

Circa 1890's Objects Made from Macerated U.S. Paper Money

Available at Hake's.

Auction house description:
First three have paper labels attached with text stating that each item was "Made of United States bank notes redeemed and macerated at the US Treasury, Washington, DC." Each also has an estimated value of the currency before it was macerated and turned into these souvenir objects. First is 4" tall bust of George Washington. Currency value "Estimated at ten thousand dollars." Second is 2" tall top hat with estimated five thousand dollar value. The last two are 3.75" dia. First is raised bust of Washington with souvenir text along border. Estimated at three thousand dollars. Last is raised Capitol dome with surrounding flag motif on front. Back has leaf design with text molded in reading "Made of money destroyed by U.S. Treasury. Estimated three thousand dollars. Nat'l Currency Souvenir Co./1238 N.J. Ave. N.W.-Washington D.C."