Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Folk Art Pinwheel Fraktur

Incredibly beautiful folk art pinwheel fraktur. Click here for the auction.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Folk Art Advertising Cabinet Cards

Jim Linderman's last eBay auctions have offered up some amazing items. Check out these incredible cabinet cards that were used as advertising for a trade sign maker. Unbelievable finds.

Phoney Nurse

Here's a nice original Tijuana Bible from the early forties.

Monday, September 10, 2007

1862 Ticket to Lovell's Minstrels Show

BIG Whirligig on eBay right now...

Really nice and BIG whirligig on eBay right now, one of Jim Linderman's last folk art pieces, although I suspect he still has a few more choice items that he won't get rid of!

Here's a direct link to the auction.

Already up to $ 255.00...worth a lot more than that though.

Unusual 1880s Cabinet Card Photo of Female Illusionist?

Interesting cabinet card that shows a woman that is obviously a performer of some kind.

The upper half of her body appears to be suspended on a trapeze with the bottom half of her body missing. The lady is identified on the back of the photo as, “Leah Hallet.” This name is printed on the mount, above the photographer’s name, Cassilly of St. Louis.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Great brand name..."Toiletine"

American Black Folk Art Carved Portrait c1870s

From a recent auction. Sold for $ 5,000.00

Auction house description: "Chloe", a single Virginia family owned and named, block carved painted wood life-sized portrait of a "Mammy" figure, ca 1870-1880, possibly a memorial piece of a woman who would have been an ex-slave, with remnants of the original cotton print dress over a muslin covered excelsior padded chest.

Gangster couple and a 1934 Plymouth!

Nice shot of a pseudo Bonnie and Clyde...

"Soapy Smith's Skull"

Another great shot of some roadside folk art that I'm not sure exists anymore or not. You can see on one part of the photo that someone wrote "South Bellingham" on a logo that was painted.

Old tintype of a worn pair of work gloves

Update: Sold for $ 309.00!

Black Americana Wood Folk Art Doll