Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stone Mask

Auction house description: Pre-Columbian, Aguada Culture, Argentina, ca. 1000 CE. An important and dramatic minimalist stone mask of this rare culture hardly known to us due to its lack of monumental architecture. Its mouth is pointed because it’s a shamanic mask of a "life-giver," life that is blown by a shaman into matter that needs healing. 10"H x 9"W.

Provenance: Ex-Ron Messick Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

Available at Antiquities Salesroom.

Friday, January 25, 2013

1886 Wedding Cake

1886 rare piece of golden wedding cake souvenir from October 10th 1886 wedding of Theophilus and Emily Phillips, Salisbury. Found in Massachusetts, wrapped in silver tin.

Available here.

Early Folk Art Carved Fantasy Root Cane

Polychromed fantasy root cane with two animals. Found in Ohio.

Available at Anonymous Works.

Carved Marble Portrait

Dated 1945 carved marble portrait of a woman. Similar to my last post, this is another variant where local artisans in Europe would create these personal souvenirs for American GIs to take home. Someone loved mom!

Available at Anonymous Works.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Portrait of the Girl Left Behind

Dated 1945 etched marble portrait of a woman. Local artisans in Europe would create these personal souvenirs for American GIs to take home.

Available at Anonymous Works.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life-size Anatomical Model

Designed by the French Physician Dr. Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux Crafted by Workshop of Louis Auzoux (1797-1880)

Available at Keno Auctions.

Oscar the Boston Cat

Sold for $189.50 on eBay.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Colored Panel

Early 20th century decorated panel. Sold at Garth's for $2,049.00.

Jacob A. Light's monumental National Clock

Auction house description:
Jacob A. Light's monumental National Clock, Millersburg, Pennsylvania, completed in 1908, carved and painted with nineteen scenes and 380 figures, to include the parade of U.S. presidents from Washington through Coolidge, Civil war generals, Uncle Sam, the Last Supper, etc., 64'' h., 114'' w. This impressive folk art work is a culmination of eighteen years of craftsmanship with a pen knife representing Light's crowning achievement.

Available at Pook & Pook.