Friday, June 29, 2007

19th Century Occupational Photograph Tintype Sign Painter

Nice tintype depicting a sign painter in the midst of executing graphics on a store display for "S. S. Zahm's".

Miniature Photobooth Cowboy Points a Gun

A vintage gem miniature photo of a young man dressed as a cowboy, pointing a gun.

1930's Folk Art Nude with Cowboy Boots and Pistols

I'm including the overall shot of the figure just to give you some context, but I really like the 2 detail shots all by themselves. A very bizarre folk art carved nude woman with cowboy boots and pistols! Recently sold on eBay for $ 127.51.


On eBay:

Seller's description: This authentic hand painted sideshow banner was usedfor advertising an act at Sam Wagner's World Sideshowin Coney Island. This act was definitely part of the1937 season, but it may have also been part of theshow for a season or two before or after this date.Sam Wagner's World Circus Side Show often drew 20,000people at ten cents each on a busy Sunday in 1920 inConey Island. This banner measures 107"x 68" and is ingood condition. It was painted by two artists named Millard and Bulsterbaum.
Update: Sold for $ 3,427.00

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old "End of Day" Sewer Tile Sculpture of African American Man

Here's an "End of Day" sewer tile sculpture that recently sold on eBay for $ 789.00.

Sewer tile was made primarily between 1880 and around 1930 and usually only produced in the Northeast. Workers in the tile plants would use left over clay and glazing materials to produce small whimseys like this one.

Makers mark on botton, inscribed "OLD FIZEAK." 6" high and 5.5" inches wide.

1920's Handmade Wooden Travel Trailer Model

Here is an amazing handmade folk art travel trailer made in the 1920's. Wow. It measures 11" wide, 27" long and 12" tall. Just sold on eBay the other day for $ 184.49. Wish it were mine...:(

1937 Paul Bunyan and Ox Giant Roadside Sculptures

Not sure where these were or if they still exist or not.

Friday, June 22, 2007

19th century Majolica "Pineapple" Bread Platter

I want this! Another piece in Cowans Americana auction tomorrow. Has that nice "Eye of God" thing going.....

Description: Majolica "Pineapple" Bread Platter, English, late 19th century. An oval bread tray with molded "pineapple" design; 13" x 11.5".
Ended at $ 400.00.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Tintype of a strange drawing.


I bet you never thought you'd see the words "Baseball" and "Abalone" next to each other in one sentence, but check out this unusual piece. I have no idea why these now anonymous baseball player's photos were glued onto the inside of an abalone shell, but the speculation is that these were possibly players in the Pacific League out on the West Coast (although this piece was found in a Maryland estate). The baseball players have on different uniforms and caps. One player has the letter "L " on his cap and another has the letter "H". Just weird, so of course I LOVE IT!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A couple of nice pieces from Cowan's upcoming Americana Auction

Checking out the catalog for Cowan's upcoming Americana auction. These two pieces caught my eyes both for the great use of color and composition.

Here's the auction descriptions:

1. Hand-Drawn and -Painted Masonic Apron, ca 1800, watercolor on silk with a hand-sewn green silk binding, likely a Blue Lodge secretary's apron, symbols including the key to King Solomon's temple. In a newer wooden frame; 18.5" x 22.5" (apron); 21" x 25" (frame).

2. Mariners Compass Appliqu├ęd & Pieced Quilt, ca 1878, wool and cotton, treadle and hand pieced, hand quilted. Pieced compasses outlined in fine gold embroidery, arranged on a ground of burgundy, green and brown bars; Front is wool, back is gold sateen cotton, the front and back are quilted separately and joined with burgundy binding; 67" x 77".Provenance Dubois family NC attached to back.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

1932 Folk Art Carving “The Striped Tiger”

Here’s one from my personal collection. Got this a few years ago along with a few other sculptures from the same anonymous artist. I sold all the other pieces and this is the only one I have left. The only identification is the name “E. Wilson” and most of the works were dated, this one being from 1932.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"He's my favorite honky..."

Great shot of a fraternal lodge parade float from the early 1930's with a large Egyptian "King Tut" sculpture!

Real c. 1900 Aaron Mountz? You Decide...

Listed last week for $ 3,500.00 with no takers, now up for auction at $ 2,500.00. Described as genuine Aaron Mountz eagle carving. Noted as coming from the estate of dealer and collector Alice Braunfeld.

I'm no expert on Mountz, so I'm abstaining from any judgement on whether it's genuine or not...

1910 Vintage Circus Wagon Sign with Eagle

This original circus wagon sign recently sold on eBay for $ 364.99. The seller describes the consigner as having bought an entire wagon that was manufactured in 1910, but the only part worth saving was this sign.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

19th century Rabbit Balancing Portrait!!!

Now here's something you don't see everyday! An original drawing of a young boy with his two pet rabbits balanced on his shoulders. As you can see, the artist modeled this portrait after the accompanying tintype while taking a few liberties here and there with the clothing and hair. Tender, but also pretty bizarre!

Carved Abraham Lincoln Plaque, circa late 19th Century

Interesting carving, just ended on eBay a few days ago.

Seller's description: Small wood carved plaque of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1880, with Gothic Revival elements in the carved architectural frame surrounding him, and crossed American flags and shield above. Early hanger on the back. 8" tall x 5 3/4" wide x 3/4" thick.

Sold for $ 250.00

Monday, June 4, 2007

Skinner Americana Folk Art sculptures- Results

Here's a few choice folk art sculptures (and one great little painting) that were sold this weekend. Prices don't include 15-22.5% buyer's premium, so add that to the totals.

1. 19th century Clown with Horse Playing a Fiddle. Unsigned. Oil on small pine panel, 6 x 8 3/4 in., unframed. Condition: Scattered paint losses. $ 500.00

2. Carved and Painted Wooden Soldier Whirligig, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 19th century, accented with brass tacks, mounted on a later wood plinth, (wear), ht. 20 1/2 in. $ 650.00

3. Carved and Painted Wooden Hessian Soldier Whirligig, America, 19th century, including stand, ht. 27 in. $ 1,700.00

4. Folk Art "Paul Revere" Doll, Vermont, c. 1913, signed, titled, and dated on the doll's chest and back "Paul Revere/Made by Mrs. H.A. Foster, Stowe, Vt. '13," (losses to boots), ht. 16 in. $ 200.00

5. Polychrome Painted Carved Wooden Indian Tobacconist Figure, America, late 19th century, painted pine base on casters, (imperfections), total ht. 53 in. $ 4,500.00