Monday, May 14, 2012

A Confederate Soldier in Mexico

A Confederate soldier with sombrero.

Seller's description:
This is an early civil war era CDV depicting a man wearing a sombrero and Mexican garb. The album he came out of was of a family named Exall, who were from Richmond Virginia. This man was identified in the album as William Exall. Also in the album was his brother Charles. William enlisted into Confederate service on 04/21/1861 as a private in Company F, 21st Virginia Infantry. He was killed on 01/03/1862 in Morgan Co. west Virginia. He was shot in the leg and died from a hemorrhage from aputation. His brother also served in the 21st alongside him. What is interesting is that this photo was taken in Mexico. The backmark says "Fotografia De Rodapp y Zuber, Mazatlan" I'm not sure what Exall was doing in Mexico prior to the outbreak of the war, but research could solve the mystery. 

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