Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Rare Schimmel Soldier Carving Starts at $.01

As an old pro of eBay, I'm used to avoiding the plethora of Wilhelm Schimmel fakes out there on the market. But this figure caught my eye this morning especially because it comes from a dealer that I've never seen offer anything but authentic pieces.

It's a rare form and looks good. It starts at $.01 and it will be fun to see where it finally lands at.

Available here.

Update: Sold for $2950.00


Anonymous said...

Pla---leeze! Turbodan is widely known amongst full-time dealers as the biggest joke on eBay. He always salts his offerings with bogus material. The only reason he is still on or has a positive rating is because he gladly accepts back his fakes or misrepresented offerings. I usually would not bother to comment, but this guy is one of my pet peeves of the business.

Joey said...

Very interesting. I hadn't heard that, but am glad that you brought it to attention. I've never bought from this seller, nor do I attest to the authenticity of the Schimmel piece. As always, I'll present interesting finds as is and let people make their own decisions.

Anonymous said...

To confirm...I do a lot of business in Southeastern PA and have examined many of turbodan's unbelievable finds in person at the markets in Adamstown where he does most of his buying and at the local auctions where these finds come from. Within the past month he sold a raised panel walnut spice chest as circa 1760-1780. Take a look through the Conestoga Auction catalog from the previous weekend and you'll find that piece catalogued with no date or attribution and with a sales price of $450. I examined it in person and would stake my reputation on it being a 20th century reproduction...not even a convincing fake, just a nice thing made by a contemporary cabinetmaker. As with the previous comment, I rarely comment on online material, but to say that this guy is a reputable dealer is absurd. I would estimate that 80% of his listings or fraudulent and I'm shocked that he isn't in prison.