Saturday, November 21, 2009


Detail of a New York City Subway Roll Sign.


Anonymous said...

Great shot, one minor correction - the roll would be either a street car or bus roll, not a subway. Those stops don't exist on either the 7 or the S, the two lines that run along 42nd St.

Joey said...

Ah! Thanks for the correction.

Gold Coast Hotels said...

A Division (IRT) consists of:
Route Line
NYCS-bull-trans-1.svg Broadway – Seventh Avenue Local
NYCS-bull-trans-2.svg Seventh Avenue Express
NYCS-bull-trans-3.svg Seventh Avenue Express
NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg Lexington Avenue Express
NYCS-bull-trans-5.svg Lexington Avenue Express
NYCS-bull-trans-6.svg NYCS-bull-trans-6d.svg Lexington Avenue Local/Express
NYCS-bull-trans-7.svg NYCS-bull-trans-7d.svg Flushing Local/Express
NYCS-bull-trans-S.svg 42nd Street Shuttle

Anonymous said...

Love this image. Only ever seen a few examples of NY surface transit vehicle signs.

I'm attempting to create replica font sets used on old rollsigns. If you have more pictures of these signs, please email me at mile29inc at It would be greatly appreciated.