Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Kill Your Father" says Ouija Board

From James Lamkin of Vintage Photographs.

Vintage press photograph depicting the story of Mattie Turley, a 15-yr old Arizona ranch girl, who claimed that a Ouija board her to "Kill Your Father!"

Here's a transcript from the period:

“Mother asked the Ouija board to decide between father and her cowboy friend. As usual the board moved around at first without meaning. Suddenly it spelled out I was to kill father. It was terrible. I shook all over.

Mother asked the Ouija if shooting would be successful and it said that it would; she asked if he would die outright and it said no. We asked what should be used and it said with shotgun. We asked if we would have the ranch and it said yes.

We asked about the law, and it said not to fear the law, that everything would turn out all right. We asked how much the insurance would be and it said $5,000.

I tried to kill him next day but I couldn't. I lost my nerve. A few days later though, I followed father to the corral. I raised the gun, took careful aim between his shoulders and then I lost my nerve again. But I thought of dear mother and what all this would mean to her and I couldn’t fail. My hand was trembling awfully though.

I raised the gun and fired.”


Anonymous said...

This is either a very cruel hoax or a sick, sick joke? I mean, think about it logically for a nano-second: mother uses tool of satan to get daughter to kill own father for capital gains and romantic fantasy.

Who is the real culprit? A dumb board that can be manipulated by the mother who used it to control the daughter to psychologically turn her into a psychopathic killer ... good God almighty forgive this lost soul, who called herself a mother.

Joey said...

Yeah, it's a pretty scandalous story. I'd have to do more research to find out more about the story, but apparently this was a pretty big event in its day.

Anonymous said...

look, ouija boards just don't work. this is just a freaky made up story to put the wind up god-fearing people. oh and a ouija board is not a tool of satan, firstly it was invented as a victorian parlor game by Parker Brothers, and it was only after a priest hallucinated and thought he saw ghosts that it became attached to this stigma. finally, ouija is a WICCAN item, which anybody who knows anything is nothing to do with satan, but the green man.

Anonymous said...

what if the father was a brutal abusive man...we dont have the whole story...nonetheless, i dont like ouiga boards. it reminds me of the guy who sits at the lake and gives free advice to any stranger needing advice.

difficult to imagine that there could be a "devil" worse than man.

Anonymous said...

While Wiccans might use a ouija board it is NOT a Wiccan item.

Here's the proof.

Wicca isn't even a century old.

Ouija boards however were patented in 1891. Now unless Wiccans can time travel it's obvious that it's really just a toy.