Monday, December 1, 2008

Circa 1930's Groucho Marx


Rick Spector said...

Wonderful piece! Any history to maker or use?

Joey said...

No, unfortunately it was lost over time :(

Rick Spector said...

Still love it. I collect such pieces of silent and early stars, most also unknown to artist or occasion. I also include rarer commercial pieces but prefer the fan made ones.

Enjoyed your site.


Joey said...

Wow, nice. The collection must be awesome. A few years back, I had this 1920's trade stimulator of Al Jolsen. It was homemade and had a very folky look to it. I later sold it and forgot to keep a picture of it! Ugh.

Now I wish I never sold it :(

Oh well!

Thanks for checking out the site Rick!

Rick Spector said...

Do let me know if it ever comes to market.