Saturday, February 9, 2008

Folk Art Articulated Figures at the recent Slotin Auction

For anyone that knows me, you know that I have a keen interest in collecting folk art articulated figures. A large number of them just sold at the recent Slotin auction, formerly from the David Wise America Collection, who apparently had as many folk art figures as collector Robert Greenberg, although, in my mind, not at the same level in quality.

Probably the best of the lot was this figure, which has a great folky look to the face, nice detailing to the articulated joints and a relatively large size at 16" tall. It sold for $ 750.00.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful folk art figures. You made a good choice. I just love going to sales and art festivals as one can find some great stuff. I have been collecting Folk Art for a long time now. I still remember those interesting folk tales.

Joey said...

Hi Sammy,

Yeah, there's something about these articulated figures that I love. Maybe it's the simplicity of the forms (I generally gravitate more to the more abstract ones vs. the ones that are more detailed). Thanks for checking out my blog! Keep reading!



McDrunk said...

This is my favorite form of Folk Art, thanks for the pictures I've added them to my small but slowly growing collection of articulated figures... here's my attempt at one:

McDrunk said...

sorry the link got cut off, but it's on my blog dated March 28, 2008.

Joey said...

That's great! Woul love to see pics of some of the pieces in your collection. Some day I'll actually catalog and get pics up of all the articulated figures I have. It's not a lot, maybe 20-25.