Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rare Carved Folk Art Corkscrew (1850-1899)

Currently at $ 200.00 with 1 day to go.

Seller's description: Here is a stunning example of late 19th century folk art in the form of a carved ivory corkscrew. The carving is expert. The corkscrew depicts an entire female figure. This lovely scantily clad woman is dressed appealing attire including a revealing dress and calf hight stockings complete with a fancy bow! Most of these type of corkscrews depict simply woman's legs. Beyond it's age and unbelievable craftsmanship the complete form of a lady makes this item special. Measures 5.25" when unfolded. Stamped on the metal are some markings that look like 'GES.EESCA' to my eyes. There is some damage to one of the legs near the ankle as pictured. She still looks pretty good for being over 100 years old.
Update: Ended at $ 375.00. Some wind was taken out of the sales when the seller found out and revealed prior to the end of the auction that the carving was actually not ivory but a type of resin.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! My husband did some carpentry work for a retired executive who collected corkscrews - I hope he checks eBay because this looks like a real find.

Joey said...

Oh man, this looks right up his alley then! It may be corkscrew collector vs. folk art collector in a steel cage death match!