Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bizarre 1930's Photo of Parade Float Clown



Anonymous said...

Very strange and creepy - enhanced by the odd angle. Any suggestions on good places (not necessarily place specific as I'm in Chicago, but general ideas) to look for vernacular photos?

Joey said...

Although I've found some good pieces at antique malls and dealers, I would have to say that the easiest route would probably be through eBay. It ends up costing a bit more (usually I've been able to get photos for $ 1 or less at antique malls), but at least the photos are a bit vetted and you don't have to go through stacks and stacks of very ordinary photos. So, in my mind, paying a few dollars more plus shipping is worth the ability to keyword search online.

Here's some links to a few eBay dealers that specialize in vernacular photography: