Monday, August 25, 2014

19th Century Painting of Gluek's Brewery

Auction house description:

American School, Late 19th Century

Gluek's Brewery. Signed and dated "G.S.K.'89" l.r. Oil on canvas, showing the brewery, horse-drawn carriages, a freight train, two Victorian houses, and an extensive group of brewery outbuildings, many of which are identified: the stable, the ice house, and the bottlery, 28 1/2 x 40 in., in a molded wood frame.

Note: Gluek's Brewery was founded in Minneapolis on the banks of the Mississippi River in 1858 by Gottlieb Gluek. He ran a successful business, and despite the hurdles of an 1880 fire, Gottleib's untimely death shortly thereafter, and Prohibition, the Brewery was still operating independently under family control until it was acquired in 1964. Beer was sold under the Gluek label until 2010, and a restaurant named after the venerable brewing family still operates in downtown Minneapolis.

Sold for $3,998.00 at Skinner.

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