Monday, June 9, 2014

Nude Bettie Page

A never before seen nude photo of Bettie Page taken on May 28th, 1951 by photographer Peter Basch. Peter Basch photographed thousands of women during the span of his career and actually did not realize that he had done a photo shoot with the later famous Bettie Page until some 30 years afterward.

Available here.


Anonymous said...

Eric Kroll, who's also a fantastic photographer, was the one who informed him who say was and also aquired some of the orginal gelatin prints as well as a copy of her model release.

Unknown said...

yeah i came to basch in the '80s and told him he had shot an iconic model. we did a signed limited editiob portfolio of his shots of her. i foubd his shots of bettie in a small bk of basch nudes. this is after i discovered weegee had shot page, after i was already reping bunny yeager.
eric kroll