Friday, January 10, 2014

Vintage Postcard of the Musée de l'Ermite- Galerie Mystique

Anyone know what the Musée de l'Ermite- Galerie Mystique was?

Available here.


kwarkito said...

you may have a look on this (but it's in french) about this french priest who sculpted rocks on the seaside, and he also had wooden sculptures in this museum

henk van es said...

This Museum is Abbé Fouré's cabin on the Normandic coast in France, Fouré is known beacuse of the many sculptures he made in the rocks along the beach. It is not so well known that he also made wooden sculptures, he exhibited in and around his cabin. The Museum became a beloved touristic spot, hence the postcards.
Cabin and wooden sculptures got lost during World War II. The postcards offer the only possibility to get an idea of Abbé Fouré's wooden creations.
Henk van Es (Outsider Environments Europe)