Friday, November 9, 2012

Parasitic Twin

"Margurete Clark" was actually Billy Lodgeson (or Logsden), who also played a half-and-half. Billy, the half man, half woman, and Margurete, the Siamese twin, appeared as a two-in-one act - that's why "her" face is covered i
n the photo.

"Margaret Clark was the generic name for whoever wore the gaff baby out of the belly. Often whoever was available man or woman would be pressed into service. It was generally a drag queen. Jerry Ross worked it on Claude Bently's show, and it was BILLY LOGSDEN who owned one and used it on several shows. Billy had two brothers who also did half and half, and at times was Margaret Clark. One of the brothers was "Louise Logsden" and the other was Pinky Pepper who also worked and at one time owned a girl show. I don't remember which one it was who was murdered in about the late 60s. They were from Louisville, KY. I believe those gaffs were made by another half and half, Cleo Renee who also made the beautiful lion face girl gaffs. After Cleo died (she lived on Midway St., now the house of Lance Gifford- magician) I wanted a Margaret Clark. I had one made, but it was so bad we never attempted to use it. I wish I had a good one now (and someone to work it)."

-Ward Hall, 2002
Original RPPC available here.

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That is some disturbing piece of work... I very fond of it ! :D