Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slave Grave Marker

Early figural slave grave marker at Chicora Wood Plantation, South Carolina.
Photo by Brandon Coffey.


Candler Arts said...

To me it looks like a white man.

Joey said...

Yeah, I can see that too. I'm not sure what documentation the plantation has that says it's a slave marker, but it's been identified that way in a few places. Would be interesting to see if they had any other figural markers.

Anonymous said...

We have owned Chicora Wood Plantation for 32, thirty
two years. This is definitely an Afro-American man.
We have employed some of his descendants.This
and talked with people who attended his burial. This
hand made marker is in an exclusively slave and their
descendants grave yard. He is, or was, Friday Heyward
and was never a slave as he was born sometime after
the emancipation, but was one of many descendants of
the slaves who were first buried there.