Saturday, May 7, 2011

19th Century Eastern Woodland Hafted Stone Club

From the seller's description:

A fascinating 19th century eastern woodland stone club with its original haft. The cleverly constructed haft, made, I think, of ash, has integral flaps of bark extending from the stick and wrapped around the stone. The stick must have been a small limb, and the flaps were cut out of the bark on the trunk. The joint of the two flaps, which can barely be seen, is fastened with resin, which also coats the rest of the flaps to keep the stone in place. The club is 18" long, the head is 6" long.

Sold for $150.00 on eBay.


Robert said...

That's a great thing. Thanks for finding it.

Joey said...

I agree and am sort of kicking myself for not getting it (it was available for a while with no bids previously).

Good to hear from you Robert! When are you going to do more blog posts? I miss them...