Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homemade Vader

A circa 1970's homemade cast bronze sculpture of Darth Vader. It's folky manufacture reminds me of an African mask via the Dark Side.

Measures 10"h x 9"w x 2 1/2"d.


Alex said...

looking at this i had never thought before how much he looks like an insect. hard shelled beetle or something. amazing piece!

Joey said...

Ha, you're so right and I never thought about it that way before either! The designer Ralph McQuarrie did one helluva job and this post actually reminds me that I did a post a while ago on the gas masks that Steve Erenberg has that look like Darth and C3PO. Click on the "Darth Vader" label at the bottom of this post to see that one too.