Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Remains of A. Lincoln

Available here. Possible knockoff? See comments.


Daniel said...

I have seen several watercolor paintings at markets throughout NY and PA that are almost exact in style and age, but of different subjects. I was very interested until I saw at one market, two completely identical paintings of a black union soldier in a casket. I asked each dealer if they were aware of the other and they said they were not. I have a feeling these are being reproduced somewhere in the Northeast. Just a thought. If anyone has any info, I'd like to know your thoughts.

Joey said...

VERY interesting! I can see that happening since I've seen someone knocking off a lot of American folk art sculpture lately. Recently at Brimfield, I saw two knockoffs at two different dealers: one was a crude knockoff of a sandstone bust of a Capt. Miller that I actually posted a long time ago. The other was a pretty good knockoff of a boundary marker that Fred Giampietro has in his inventory. It's always a minefield out there!

Thanks for the tip Daniel!