Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Left Foot

Yes, believe it or not you can actually acquire the mummified foot of a youth from ancient Egypt, although I'm not sure that you would want to. Those things are cursed...

Available at Ancient Resource.

Here's the auction description:

Ancient Egypt. A mummified human foot of a youth, Ptolemaic, c.4th - 2nd Century BC. Nicely preserved with most of the skin and nails intact. Second toe missing and ankle bone visible. On the bottom of the foot a thick layer of resin soaked leather, perhaps the soles of a sandal. L: 6" (15.1 cm). From an old Midwest collection. Foot had been wrapped in a 1948 Ohio newspaper which had been attached to the layer of resin.


John Foster said...

Holy crap! Cool, but not for my collection.

Jana Miller said...

This would fit perfectly in my collection! FANTASTIC find.