Friday, August 21, 2009

Southern Folk Art Figure of a Black Banjo Player

Tennessee, ca 1920-1950. A Southern folk art black man, of carved wood having wire hands and real hair, seated in a chair with daubed paint decoration, holding a wooden banjo; 12" high.

Sold for $117.50 at Cowan's.


Dylan Macnab said...

Great piece, really.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was. I was the one that sold it through Cowan's & I wish I had it back. I loved that guy. The person I bought it from originally told me it was made in Tennessee by a prisoner. If I had known it would've brought that little, I wouldn't have consigned it & if I could've bid, I would've bought it back.

Joey said...

That was a steal. I would have regretted that too.