Friday, October 31, 2008


Off to New York for a few days. Going to check out the Martin Ramirez show at the American Folk Art Museum. Happy Halloween!


Beverly Kaye said...

Great image Joey! You will love the exhibition at the AFAM, and I'm sure you'll love the show at Aarne and Tina's as well. Just treats and more treats.

Joey said...

Oh man, I can't wait! Don't we all have dreams of finding a stash of 140 undiscovered works by a master of outsider art? Amazing that stuff like that still happens...:)

Happy Halloween!!! (The cool, vintage kind, not the current gorefest that seems to be popular). HA!

R4TH said...

saw this show last xmas at the Milwakee Art Museum, really incredible body of work, enjoy....morandi at the MET?

Joey said...

Yeah, I just saw the Morandi show at the Met yesterday. It was great! Really nice to see the development leading up to his fully formed and more well known style of still lifes. Also saw the Alexander Calder show of wire sculptures at the Whitney. That was really nice and it was interesting to see these wire portrait sculptures, suspended by a wire and spotlighted in a way that as the sculpture rotates, the shadow on the wall makes the portrait change.

Going to the American Folk Art Museum today!