Friday, June 15, 2007

A couple of nice pieces from Cowan's upcoming Americana Auction

Checking out the catalog for Cowan's upcoming Americana auction. These two pieces caught my eyes both for the great use of color and composition.

Here's the auction descriptions:

1. Hand-Drawn and -Painted Masonic Apron, ca 1800, watercolor on silk with a hand-sewn green silk binding, likely a Blue Lodge secretary's apron, symbols including the key to King Solomon's temple. In a newer wooden frame; 18.5" x 22.5" (apron); 21" x 25" (frame).

2. Mariners Compass Appliqu├ęd & Pieced Quilt, ca 1878, wool and cotton, treadle and hand pieced, hand quilted. Pieced compasses outlined in fine gold embroidery, arranged on a ground of burgundy, green and brown bars; Front is wool, back is gold sateen cotton, the front and back are quilted separately and joined with burgundy binding; 67" x 77".Provenance Dubois family NC attached to back.


sroden said...

these are totally amazing!!!! the bottom one is just stellar.

Joey said...

Yeah, a lot of good ideas in these. The space is pretty nice in the bottom one. It seems like the stars are about 6 inches above the vertical lines...just floating on top!