Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clown (Fake?)

Available here.

A follower has offered the following insight:
"I think that dag of a clown you posted is the same one that was floating around a few years ago and proved to be a modern dag from a group someone was trying to pass off as old... There was a panel about them at the Daguerreian Society a few years back. Some guy/people in PA supposedly were making them. Once it was ascertained that the same guy was posing in all these super rare images (fisherman, the clown, and more) and experts got a look at the plates, it was obvious they were made recently. Also, that dag just screams "something's not right here" to me not even having seen it before. The exposure is all wrong as is the style, for a 19th century image."

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'Tsuki said...

Interesting finding... Those black marks make me think of a poste I created shortly ago :

See ya !