Saturday, November 15, 2008

1930's Anatomical Model


Thilo said...

Hey Joey!

I have an anatomical model made last year that looks exactly like the one on these pictures...just newer and in plastic... where did you take these pictures? Is it an original piece?

Greetings from Germany!

Joey said...

Hi Thilo,

I owned this for a while, then sold it to a local dealer. It is an original piece and very cool. I think the dealer is now selling it for about $1500.00 (I bought and sold it for considerably less of course!).

Hope Germany is great! It's hotter than heck in L.A.


Thilo said...

Thanks for that fast response! Isn`t it all early in L.A.?

The model I have here is an educational model and can be bought new for less than $ 500.

Do you know who made the one you had? Did they really make these things in 1930 already?


Joey said...

I'm not sure who made it and there were no manufacturer marks on it. The dating is rough and could go into the 1940's but no later than that.

Anatomical models can actually be found that were made in the late 19th century, but these are much rarer to find.

Thilo said...

Were there any organs in it? Mine has an open back so you can see the spine as well.
Would be awkward if they still made the almost same one today...

Do you have any mor pictures of it or does the dealer have a website?

Really made me curious now...

Thanks a lot already!